The Russians are coming: R480 – New DINGUX OS console! breaks the news on a brand new Dingux based console, coming soon:

R480 - new console based on Dingux

Calendar June 26, 2011 | By admin

A month ago, we have intrigued you a little vague teasers of the new console based on Dingux of the Russian company. For simplicity, further discussion will give her the code name: R480 .

It's time to tell and show more action in this innovative, nanotechnology product of Russian-Chinese engineering:

Under the cut a little Q & A session on topics that are not disclosed in the video. We expect you to additional questions in the comments and will try to answer or send the developers.

Of course, until more questions than answers. It is understandable that many are waiting for the "dry numbers" characteristics, but to get even they are not so simple.We can not make out the test samples are and look inside. The developer is also not eager to share the console specification, for fear of the invisible hand of the Chinese market.

Key moment that either the manufacturer, or are obvious from the available samples of the device:

  • R480 does not have Native OS, the underlying operating system is Dingux
  • 180h80h12 dimensions mm.
  • screen resolution not less than 480 × 272, with respect to viewing angle - they are better than screen Dingoo A320/A330
  • R480 running on the same or compatible processor that is fully Dingoo A320 and Dingoo A330 (Ingenic JZ4755 or more senior)
  • memory more than Dingoo A320. Likely to 64Mb or more.
  • the cost of retail networks at the time of start of sales is about 3000 rubles. ($ 100). Estimated start of sales in Russia R480 - September 2011
  • promised a public SDK
  • wireless interfaces in the console there, hence no multiplayer
  • video in 720p MKV view failed
  • Russian language in the PDF is visible, as seen in text files encoded in UTF8.Tags for MP3 Cyrillic is not possible to verify, because when you play a show just the file name. Directly with the file name in Russian is no problem.
  • The volume of internal flash 4GB
  • Battery life will check with the seller / manufacturer, because of wave bend synth is very difficult to judge

A complete list of consoles emulated "the factory" directly from the main menu:

  • CAPCOM System 1
  • CAPCOM System 2
  • Neo Geo
  • Game Boy
  • Gameboy Color
  • Game Boy Advance
  • Super Nintendo
  • Sega Megadrive
  • Sega Master System
  • Sega Game Gear

Other emulators running on Dingux are tested:

  • PSX4ALL (PS1) (was already on the console, optimized for developers)
  • Unreal Speccy Portable (set for the official version from the authors Dingux emulator)

In the video, "lit" as an option G-Sensor. For those who do not know - this is a position sensor in space. For a year he realized GPH Caanoo, which distinguishes it among the handheld devices for the better and gives the impression of the classic game of shades.
All the data were able to identify are preliminary. The final specification of the console will only be available at the time of appearance in the sale.

While the test sample R480 is in our hands, waiting for your questions, suggestions and proposals. To the best of strength and try to check everything that interests you, especially if you bother to provide links to all the necessary files for testing.What is beyond our capabilities - will give the developers.


  1. With that bezel all around the screen, and what looks like about a half inch of frame across the bottom -- all comparable to similar devices -- it seems like no one but the original A320 designers understood the value of a truly compact device. Bigger screens are nice, but not when sacrificing portability. I never want to see anything on the front face of a unit like this other than the bare minimum of space necessary to accommodate buttons and a screen.

    Followups to A320 should only be around the same size or SMALLER.

    The Select and Start buttons are way too close together as well.

  2. So is the PS1 performance any better than on the a320?

  3. I have nothing wrong with the size in particular. What bothers me is that there's no point to having a very wide widescreen when none of the systems its emulates even use widescreen. I'd rather have the screen be square (or a less wide widescreen like the a320) and save the bulk.

  4. So does this have a limited amount of games it can handle like the dingoo? Because there are a lot of games that are not compatable with the dingoo so you would have to upgrade to dingux, which i don't like. I hope it can play all of the games now! But this looks pretty good, but doesn't physically look good like the dingoo...


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